Frente de Libertação de Moçambique: Three Strains of Social Control

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This paper contributes to the understanding of the protracted politico-military conflict in Mozambique in terms of regime dynamics. It advances the proposition that efforts at understanding and addressing the conflict have so far been merely scratching the surface of the issue, and have not addressed the constitutive role of Frelimo’s internal structure in the changing patterns of the political stalemate. The current conflict is partially rooted in the nature of the political regime agreed to by Frelimo members at the time of independence when the Movement took control of the state, and later sanctioned into a political ideology through the creation of a political party: The Frelimo party. Since then, the Presidents of the Republic adopted different strategies of social control, but all based on Frelimo’s understanding of state-society relations.

Autor: Milissão Nuvunga

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